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Some men believe that with age it is expected for energy levels and sex drive to decrease.  Lowered levels of testosterone, also known as Low T, are often the culprit.  A comprehensive consultation with a qualified urologist will provide answers to the following symptoms:

  • Lack of energy
  • Irritability and depression
  • Declining sex drive
  • Decreased stamina
  • Deteriorating quality of life
  • Bone mass decrease
  • Muscle mass deficiency and weakness

Ignoring these signs will lead to the increased severity of the above symptoms.

What is it?

Testosterone is the hormone often referred to as the “male sex hormone” which regulates many aspects of men's health outside of sexual drive, and plays a key role in bone mass, muscle mass, and mood regulation throughout man’s lifespan. 
As men age, testosterone level commonly decreases. A noticeable change in health and well-being may occur. The lack of hormone is called Testosterone Deficiency, a condition which affects millions of men in the U.S. today. 


For each patient, varying and individualized treatment is required to effectively target the cause of testosterone deficiency. To determine the precise treatment Accord Physicians established a specialized lab and diagnostic equipment to analyze hormone levels and bone density and other variables.   Based on the findings, the doctors will recommend the most suitable medication to restore the appropriate levels of hormones.  Moreover, a combination of hormone supplements with a wellness program may be considered.


Our unique AAA program consists of three treatment phases designed to restore testosterone without the prolonged use of hormone therapy.  The program aims to  trigger a man’s body to produce the necessary testosterone levels on its own:

Address the Low T 

We immediately address the problem using individualized hormone therapy. Depending on the patient, we utilize various therapeutic methods, ranging from topical gels to hormone injections, which start to have a positive effect in most cases after the first application.

Attack the Low T

For ultimate results, Accord Physicians devise a customized personal health program to target the areas which have been affected by testosterone deficiency.

Annihilate the Low T*

Reduce and eventually eliminate the use of hormone medication by modifying the underlying causes.  

Following our proven AAA program will undoubtedly revitalize a man’s life.  Start feeling better today, schedule a confidential consultation with Accord Physicians highly qualified doctor.  

Please note:

Studies over the last several decades have indicated there is one variable most closely related to the testosterone decrease- -waist increase. By combining a clinical approach, and improving general fitness and lifestyle habits, we are able to stimulate body’s production of this vital hormone and treat the underlying causes of the initial problem.

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