Telemedicine Visit with Urologist. How To Schedule Video Consultation?

During the COVID19 crisis our doctors are
available for televisits via video and phone.

Our patient care call center is open 7 days a week.

To schedule a consultation:

What is a virtual visit with the doctor?

Virtual visit with the doctor has other names, such as televisit or remote visit and falls under the general concept of telehealth or telemedicine. The main idea behind a video appointment is for the patient to consult with the doctor remotely using any technology available to either party. 

For example, the patient stays at home or at work using their smartphone or any computer with video and audio capabilities to connect with their physician.  

No seating in a waiting area, save on travel time, feel more comfortable in your own environment, eliminate exposure to other patients.

How does it work?

  • Schedule your TeleVisit by phone or online
  • 5 mins before your appointment, on your smartphone or computer: Click on the text or email link you receive from our doctor’s office. No login required
  • Prior to your TeleVisit, fill out any patient questionnaires and vitals if applicable (answers are not mandatory on either form, but fill in what you can)
  • Click “Proceed” or “Check in” to check your computer’s speed and ability to support a TeleVisit. Your browser might prompt you to “Allow” camera and microphone use. Click “Start TeleVisit” to enter the virtual waiting room
  • Your physician will be notified when you connect and will start your TeleVisit. Typical wait time is around 3-5 minutes

What to expect during televisit?

  • Discuss symptoms
  • Review lab results
  • Determine diagnostic and/or treatment plan
  • Get a new prescription or refill
  • Address urgent concerns

How to prepare for a virtual visit with the doctor?

Get your medical records/history ready, including any lab results and imaging reports, currently taken medications. Write down your symptoms, concerns, and questions for the doctor. Have your updated pharmacy information readily available.

Make sure you’re in a private, quiet, well-lit space that will allow you to comfortably and openly speak with your doctor. Your light source has to be facing you not behind you. 

Our healthcare providers love pets! Should you choose to include your pet in your televisit, please keep their noise and activities to a minimum to avoid distractions. 

Self-pay cost and insurance options for a telemedicine visit.

Depending on your insurance plan your TeleVisit may be covered. Accord Physicians will assist you in submitting a claim and getting reimbursement for your visit whenever possible. 

Accord Physicians urologists are available for a televisit for a flat fee of $55 for anyone without insurance coverage.        

What equipment and devices do I need to video chat with the doctor?

  • A smartphone or tablet with a front camera or a computer with a webcam and microphone or a laptop
  • A reliable internet connection

Is the video consultation secure and private? 

We utilize the latest technology to ensure the best patient privacy as per U.S. health industry standards.

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