Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence).
Symptoms, Diagnostic and Treatment Options?

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Just a bad day or erectile dysfunction?  

Most men have experienced difficulty getting or keeping an erection throughout their lifespan.  At times it may be explained away by various circumstances and often this problem vanishes just as unexpectedly as it came on.  

Other times symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) persist, become more prevalent and will not correct themselves on their own.  Often, the causes are physical and doctor attention is necessary to resolve  these issues.

Call our doctors to set up a confidential consultation if:

  • erection cannot be achieved during sexual excitement
  • erection is not firm enough for penetration
  • erection cannot be sustained long enough for intercourse to take place

Millions of men in the United States present with some impotence concerns. The good news is that in most cases, these symptoms can be addressed quickly and very effectively!

Be aware of:

Erectile dysfunction, can be an early indicator of “metabolic syndrome,” which is a group of risk factors such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, and Cholesterol. 
If you or a loved one are experiencing an erectile dysfunction, you may be at risk of a stroke or heart attack. The same disease process that affects blood vessels, which lead to the heart and brain affect the delicate vessels that supply blood to reproductive organs.

Careful evaluation of ED can uncover these problems years before critical damage occurs. 


Accord Physician ED specialists will take a careful history of the symptoms.  Radiology and Specific tests which may be ordered by the doctors can be performed right on the office premises.  Often, same day test results are possible which quickly clarify the underlying cause.  Once the cause is established, treatment plan can be outlined

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) 
  • Blood Glucose (Sugar) 
  • Liver and Kidney Function Tests 
  • Lipid Profile
  • Thyroid Function Test 
  • Blood Hormone Studies 
  • Urinalysis 
  • Duplex Ultrasound 
  • Vasoactive Injection 

*This test may be abnormal due to prostate cancer, enlargement, or infection. These conditions and their treatments may complicate ED* 


ED treatment varies significantly based on the physical cause.  An arsenal of patient specific choices are available.  Highly trained Urologist will narrow this list down to the most suitable treatment.


After a careful evaluation of symptoms and medical history of the patient, urologist can prescribe the most effective medications.  Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or other medication is carefully chosen according to the patient’s conditions.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone therapy or Testosterone replacement may be assigned by the doctor when appropriate.  

Penile Implants

Penile implants have been successfully performed by Accord Physicians Surgeons that have years of experience making it possible for patients to have a high patient satisfaction rate as well as a high satisfaction rate for the sex partner. 

Don’t give up!

Specialists at Accord Physicians helped thousands of men and their loved ones regain confidence and happiness in their lives.  Don’t give up on yourself!  You may be just a phone call away from significantly improving your health and your lifestyle.  Our specialists are available  days a week at 718-375-2100.

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