What You Can Do With a Patient Portal Appointments, Medical Records, Communication and more

Jan 29th, 2021
What You Can Do With a Patient Portal.

We know how difficult – and even frustrating – it can be to deal with doctors’ offices. After all, we’re not just medical professionals. In our private lives we’re patients, too. So are our family members.

Patient portal is a “one-stop shop” for viewing all of your appointments, medications, test results, visit summaries, messages and health records. You can also pay your outstanding balances through the Portal, and view helpful patient education articles and videos.

The Portal is easy to use and accessible from any computer or device. On your computer, simply visit http://www.patientPortal.accordmd.com. On your phone or tablet, the Portal is accessible through the hEalow app. New patients will be assigned a user name and temporary password at their first appointment; existing patients can obtain a user name by calling our office or speaking with a representative at our front desk.

Here’s how the Patient Portal allows you to actively participate in the management of your medical care.

The Account Tab

This is where you are able to view or modify your personal information, add new information (such as your preferred pharmacies), view a list of records you’ve shared with other doctors outside of our practice, change your Patient Portal password, or review the list of your devices that are able to access the Portal.

If you moved, please update your information under the “Personal Information” submenu. Insurance policy is bound to your physical address, important to keep it current.

When there is balance due on your end, please refer to “Current Statement” submenu of “My Account section”

The Messages Tab

Three important functions can be accessed in this area of the Accord Physicians Patient Portal.

  • Messages: All messages from the clinic appear here. You can read them, respond to them, or send new messages to the clinic staff.
  • Refill Requests: Your current medication list is visible here. You can request any refills you may need and specify the pharmacy where you would like them filled.
  • Interact With Our Clinic: In this area you’re able to submit general questions about your condition and care without having to worry about reaching the right person or being sent to voicemail. You’ll receive a timely answer if your question can be answered online; otherwise you’ll be advised to schedule an appointment.

NOTE: For emergency questions call main line or 911

The Medical Records Tab

In this area, you can view or manage all key information related to your health.

Lab Results

There’s no longer any need to wait for a call from our office, or for your next doctor’s appointment, to get your lab results.

As soon as the results of your lab tests are available, you can review them directly in your Accord Physicians Patient Portal. They’ll remain there permanently, so you always can go back and compare new test results to older ones.

Results become available when provider reviews and marks result to be uploaded to patient portal.

Some test results come as PDF file results, due to technology constraints, those results have to be uploaded upon request. Please use the messaging tab if you do not see some of the test results.

Visit Summaries

Records from all of your clinic visits are posted in this section of the Patient Portal. You can check the dates of your previous appointments, and view the detailed summaries of each visit. Those summaries are printable, in the event you need them for your files or wish to take them when you see another health care professional. They’re also shareable online, as long as your other doctors are registered in our system.

Personal Health Records

Your complete health summary is maintained in this area. At a glance you can see full lists of your:

  • Health conditions and medical issues
  • Current medications
  • Health records are generated within a two-year period. Keep it in mind when selecting dates.
  • Allergies
  • History of procedures, results and vital signs
  • Current care plan

This health summary is a convenient way to track your medical information, and to print or share it with other doctors who may need it.

The Appointments Tab

In this section you’ll see a list of all of your upcoming appointments. You can view the specifics, reschedule or cancel an existing appointment, or request a new one. The Portal will show you the dates and times that are available for appointments with your chosen health professional, and after submitting your request you’ll receive an email confirmation a short time later.

That doesn’t just mean scheduling office visits, either. You can request a convenient Televisit appointment through the Patient Portal as well.

You’ll also find a historical record of all your previous appointments in this area of the Patient Portal.

The Questionnaires Tab

You’ll find several different questionnaires here. The “Surgical and Allergies” questionnaire is an important one, since having a complete record of your allergies, past hospitalizations and surgeries will greatly help us to customize your care. Filling out other questionnaires, like the “Patient Portal Satisfaction Survey,” aren’t crucial for your treatment but will allow us to provide a better patient experience.

The Health Tracker Tab

This is a good area to check regularly. It shows reminders of actions you should take to maintain your health, like when you’re due for vaccines like flu shots. Some reminders are general in nature and sent to all patients; others are sent by your doctor and specifically tailored to your care.


In short: get to know your Patient Portal. Even if it’s a new way for you to manage your medical care, you’ll quickly grow to appreciate it.

Lyudmila Emag

Dr. Lyudmila Emag ,

Female Specialist, Urogynecology

Offices located in Brooklyn and Queens

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