Scheduling Urology Appointment Using Patient Portal

Feb 15th, 2021
Scheduling Urology Appointment

The Patient Portal, in addition to medical records, also allows patients to request a visit with the doctor without the need to directly communicate with the clinic staff.

A small caveat: an account in the Portal is created during the first visit to the doctor. If you have never been to one of our clinics before, you should use other methods to request appointments.

In this overview, we will look at Patient Portal tools to schedule doctors’ appointments.

First, log in to your account. The link to the Portal can be found in the “For Patient” menu. It is labeled “Patient Portal.” You can also click here to access it directly.

In the Portal, move your cursor over the section labeled “Appointments” and you’ll see four submenus.

  1. Upcoming appointments
  2. New Appointment
  3. Historic Appointments
  4. Appointment Center (in progress)

Before scheduling a new appointment, double- check to see if you have any upcoming appointments. You may be satisfied with what has already been scheduled.

If you are not happy with your appointment, you have the option to reschedule or cancel it.

To Reschedule

  • Click the – “Reschedule” button and fill in the appropriate fields for rescheduling.
  • Choose the desired period of time, as well as your preferred form of contact.
  • In the “Reason” box, provide extra details.
  • If you are cancelling an appointment, please indicate if you want a representative of the clinic to contact you.

To Make a New Appointment

If you do not have an appointment, go to the “New Appointment” section.

  • In this section, choose a doctor and your desired office - Brooklyn or Queens. Then choose the type of visit.
  • After indicating the reason for your visit with a short phrase, you can leave a more detailed message in the message box. It will be helpful if you describe your health concerns or issues here. Keep in mind that you usually answer the same question during a phone call.
  • If your insurance coverage has changed, be sure to tell us about it.
  • Choose your preferred date and time of day. The system will give you a choice of free appointments in your doctor's schedule.
  • Choose the appropriate option and click - “appointment.”

Congratulations, an appointment with the doctor has been made!

Appointment Confirmation

Our office will always remind you about an upcoming appointment. You will get a call the day before the appointment.

Past Appointments

Here, you can see a list of all your past appointments with Accord Physicians Urology. You can even find those you have cancelled or rescheduled.

There’s one final item on the list, and we’ll describe it in another post when the tool is finished.

Please keep in mind that it does take a little time for us to process electronic requests. If you urgently need to see a doctor, it is best to call the clinic so we can help you faster.

Lyudmila Emag

Dr. Lyudmila Emag ,

Female Specialist, Urogynecology

Offices located in Brooklyn and Queens

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